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If there is a couple more in sync with each other, more willing to do what it takes to succeed, and more willing to follow God’s plan for their lives than Janet & Dean Palombi… well, I’ve never met them! I’m excited about having them on the show!

You see, although Janet and Dean Palombi live in Knoxville, Tennessee and work as a complete real estate agent team today, they started their lives together, raising their two children (now adults) in New Jersey doing something COMPLETELY different: running a day car center, but they simply didn’t have a passion for it.

That’s when they did something most people would be terrified to do – and might never do – they made a change. And not just a small change, but a drastic change that led them to Florida, choosing real estate as their career path based on Janet’s history, quickly topping lists of the best real estate agents in their area, and using one funny yet powerful “guerrilla marketing” tactic to kick it all off. (You’ve got to listen to hear all about it!)

After a decade in Florida, when their business all but evaporated in the crash of 2008, it was time for another brave big change, and that’s when the couple moved their family for a final time – to Knoxville. But they didn’t jump back into real estate. Listen to the prophetic message Dean received while working in the corporate world that sent him and his wife back to working together again, where they belong (if you ask me!).