EPISODE 82: Kathleen Basham, Educational Consultant

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Here in Tennessee, this week the governor “recommended” all schools be closed throughout the end of this school year, and our school complied. The same seems to slowly be happening state by state, across the country, whether mandated or suggested, impacting millions of children and their families.

This is my story.

I have two daughters, both in high school. My senior is doing just fine, is very excited about the college she decided to attend next year, and while she’s sad about missing out on all the senior year traditions, she knows she’s not alone. She’s always done well in her studies and as an introvert, is happily embracing school from home.

But my freshman… she is struggling. She has always been a child who thrives on a predictable schedule and routine, as many children do. She is an extreme extrovert. And she is a kinesthetic learner (she needs to be moving – a LOT! – to learn). All those things added together mean she is struggling with learning at home, sitting in front of a computer screen all day, without the presence of anyone to talk to besides our immediate family, who are also all busy doing what we need to do to keep our family and household going. Prior to the school shutting down in early March, she was living her best life, absolutely loving high school, all her new friends, and her teachers and classes. While she was challenged academically in a couple classes, we were working with her to help her succeed in them; it was standard stuff. Now she is missing everything about being in school. This is very difficult for her – and us.

Enter Kathleen Basham. Angels come into our lives in all sorts of unexpected ways.

Earlier this week I posted on Facebook lamenting the fact that my girl is having such a difficult time and Kathleen sent me a private message. She and I had served together on a nonprofit board and over the months had bonded over that shared experience, although we didn’t talk a lot about our past lives. As with any newer friends, we still had lots to discover about each other.

As it turns out, Kathleen Basham has a nearly 30-year career teaching Kindergarten through 12th grades and being an educational consultant. She graciously gave me a few tips and some amazing strategies to help my daughter during this time.

In the time I’ve known Kathleen she has worked in the legal field doing a type of court reporting from home (that’s not exactly right, but you get the idea), and she also had recently began making and selling chocolate confections from her home kitchen with a partner.

However, as many people are experiencing, the legal field job suddenly vanished, and she found herself unemployed. Now isn’t the easiest time to grow a non-essential candy-making business from home. So, being the giver she is, Kathleen started sharing from her vast experience to help parents of kids suddenly thrust into at-home learning. I’ve been reading her Facebook posts with interest, soaking up her wisdom on how to best help my child succeed.

So today, my guest is Kathleen Basham, who has decided to re-open the virtual doors of her educational consulting business! I am thrilled to have her on the show today to not only share her story, but also share some of her best advice for families being faced with at-home learning for the remainder of this school year.

You can follow her great tips and info on her Facebook page for Basham Educational Consulting.