EPISODE 80: Kathleen Gage, International Speaker, Podcast Expert to Plant Based Eating Certified Practitioner

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One of my dearest friends and work colleagues also happens to be one of my most inspiring friends!! And today we get to tell her story (well, one of them…. she has so many to tell!)!

Kathleen Gage is a brilliant professional speaker, trainer, and marketing genius with a long career working with every size and scope of organization imaginable from corporations like Novus Corporation and AT&T, to the US Marine Corps, to the American Cancer Society of Utah, all the way to small, home-based entrepreneurs.

When Kathleen is on the stage, the entire room lights up.

Kathleen Gage Before and After Plant-Based Eating

Now, at age 65, she regularly talks about having the most energy she has ever had in her life, and I’ve only known her about 10 years, but I can’t imagine she’s ever looked better either! She runs and works out daily, still competing in marathons, half-marathons, and triathlons, and I’m telling you, she can run circles around most people. That’s all due to a plant-based lifestyle she began incorporating in her early 60s and now she has committed her life to showing others the benefits of plant based eating for health and compassion to animals and the earth. Kathleen Gage has earned her certification for Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell University in order to more fully serve her market and raise awareness about the benefits, and compassion, of a plant based lifestyle.

She’s fearless, fun, and has a fabulous heart.

In her spare time Kathleen can be found running by the river with her dogs, working out or creating content for her blog, books and talks. She resides in a small farming community in Central Oregon where she has successfully integrated mandatory travel and business restrictions due to COVID-19. Kathleen will be the first to recognize this time as one to proactively raise awareness around the benefits of a plant based lifestyle for mind, body, and soul.

Kathleen Gage has written a beginner’s guide to help folks interested in discovering more about plant-based eating. You can get that by clicking the image of the book (it’s part of a free 7-day reboot she offers). She also has an active and quickly growing Plant Based Eating for Health Facebook group where we share recipes and information about the lifestyle I have also come to enjoy for my own health. Yep… I’m a plant-based eater, too, and after you hear Kathleen you just might be inspired to give it a try yourself!

You can also check out her newly launched and already popular podcast, Plant Based Eating for Health, available on iTunes and everywhere else you like to listen to podcasts.

Today we’ll be discussing how she got started with this whole plant based lifestyle and how she believes it could be part of the cure for the world we live in today… and especially how it can play in role in helping you right now through this coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and national emergency. You’ll love her direct, no-nonsense style, and be motivated by her infectious passion!