EPISODE 75: Tony Yanniello, Lifetime HVAC Employee to New Business Owner

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Now, meet TODAY’S guest:

It’s hard to say when Tony Yanniello started in the Heating and Air Conditioning (AKA HVAC) world, because both his father and his grandfather were in the business. As you can imagine, it’s safe to say the HVAC industry is in his blood!

Tony’s first official job as a service technician was in 1991 for one of the largest and most-respected HVAC companies in his hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. Over the years, Tony rose through the ranks at local and national companies in various management and leadership positions including service manager and regional manager, in charge of multiple states.

Most recently, Tony was the leader of team of 50 as operations manager for a large commercial HVAC company opting to stay close to his hometown with his wife and their six children and two grandchildren.

I met Tony Yanniello about two years ago at the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce event called “Schmoozapalooza.” As I walked by his company’s booth, he greeted me with a friendly smile. After I introduced myself he asked me if I knew anything about “any of that funnels stuff.” Coming from the world of Internet marketing, and having built out many successful email funnels over my career, of course we got to talking and Tony hired me to help him build out a consulting side of his work. In fact, he was one of my earliest guests on this show.

Fast forward about a year or so, and things weren’t all flowers and sunshine at his place of employment (sounds like a familiar story). That’s when Tony Yanniello came to the realization that most business owners around the world have come to: “I CAN DO THIS, and do it my way, on my own!” That’s the day All-Star Heating and Air Conditioning was born.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to welcome another full-time entrepreneur who’s jumped into my world, taken the risk, and is on his way to creating the business and lifestyle of his dreams. That’s what our show is all about today and I hope you’ll listen in!

And if you’re in the Knoxville area, give my friend Tony a call at All-Star Heating and Air Conditioning at 865-333-STAR (cute, right?!). Everyone’s furnace needs regular servicing to keep running it’s best and he’s got some awesome deals going on right now. All you have to do is visit his Facebook page here to book an appointment right through there (so cool!). With a lifetime in the business, I love his tag line: “Don’t Call a Rookie, Call an All-Star!”