EPISODE 70: Nile Nickel, Engineer, Technology Expert, Reporter, and Consultant

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Nile Nickel is fresh off the plane, having just returned home from the 2020 annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, known to most of us simply as CES, where more than 175,000 tech-geniuses from around the world converge to do business.

Our show today is a result of a Facebook post Nile made that I happened to see. He and I have appeared at a few of the same internet marketing events in the past and have become friends over the years. I’ve come to know him as a LinkedIn expert, because that’s what he was teaching when I met him at those marketing conferences. But, apparently I’ve missed a whole lot about Nile Nickel’s expertise and I look forward to hearing more about it today!

This show may be a little bit different in that Nile and I will be catching up and I have my own questions about the kind of work he is doing these days. Here’s how he described his primary reason for being at CES this year, “I was supporting a corporate training company. I’m transitioning their training services from manual and printed to on demand digital micro training to be more effective with corporate staff and employees.” As someone with a master’s degree in adult education and training, who has been teaching others to create training (and speaking) for years, I am fascinated by what he’s doing.

No stranger to the radio, Nile Nickel has a weekly technology radio show in his hometown in Florida and has covered many tech events, also sharing info on new technology for everyday people. I’ll be asking him what are some of the most interesting things he saw at CES this year.

Nile Nickel is not your average technology geek. The love of gadgets and technology started well before he could drive. At 16 Nile had a successful business installing and repairing sound systems, car stereos, and video cameras and video players. At 18 he started his second business selling and installing CB Radio’s during the CB Radio Craze.

Nile went on to pursue a career as an electrical engineer. In corporate world he worked for or partnered with companies like AT&T Paradyne, Rockwell and IBM, applying his expertise in data analytics, data mining and technical design. Unfulfilled in corporate America, he adopted the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

As an entrepreneur Nile has invested more than 15 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars studying and putting into practice the best sales and marketing techniques using direct marketing, internet marketing and social media.

Today Nile Nickel applies his unique background of technical skills and savvy marketing psychology to help business owners understand how to use social media and online marketing. He has long been recognized as the undisputed “King of LinkedIn” and evangelizes its use for any business owner interested in growing their business or any professional looking for that dream job. You can see more about him on his website at NileNickel.com, or listen to his Social Media Business Hour podcast.