EPISODE 64: DJ Roz: Single Mom and Morning Talk Show Producer to Party DJ Extraordinaire

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My guest today is someone near and dear to my heart who I have been BEGGING for months to be a guest on my show. This time I said I’m not taking no for an answer – and so you’ll be hearing from DJ Roz, who just happens to be my radio show producer!! (I am SOOOO excited!)

By day, DJ Roz is the producer of what has been the most popular morning talk show in Knoxville, Tennessee on 92.3 FM / AM 760. On the weekends, she produces my show and a few others for the station (aren’t I lucky?!).

In the 18 months she and I have been working together every week, she’s shared her hopes and dreams, I’ve met her two adorable and well-behaved sons, and I’ve been blessed to be the recipient of her unmistakable talent as a producer. During those moments after my shows, we chat in the booth about life and goals. And today, I am so proud of her for reaching one of them: starting her own DJ business.

DJ Roz is no stranger to spinning tunes. She’s been doing that for my show and others for years. Last year she was the official DJ for the Knoxville Ice Bears professional hockey team at several of their home games. This woman knows how to bring the fun and unexpected WOW moments to an event.

Like many of my guests, she’s been through some tough times in her life. She’s raising her boys as a single mom without much help from the boys’ father, who lives in another state. That doesn’t stop her from having her boys surrounded in love every day and with family. Her father is the station manager (the big boss), and from what I can see he couldn’t be prouder of his daughter (here they are together all cleaned up for an event!).

After working with her all this time (and 64 episodes!) I am excited for this new path she has created for herself. In fact, she brought her DJ magic to an 18th birthday party for one of my daughter’s friends and last weekend I attended another party where she brought the house down with 80s music for us “oldies” who grew up listening to it.

She’s versatile, intuitive, and responsive to requests. She’s the hardest working DJ in Knoxville and I’m proud to bring you her story today! And if you want to reach her to hire her as a DJ for your upcoming event – call soon because she’s going to be the hottest thing in town – you can call the studio line above. She’s the one who will answer!