EPISODE 63: Harper Grace – From Worst National Anthem Singer to American Idol Finalist

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At 18 years old, singer songwriter Harper Grace has already experienced a number of life-changing moments, two of which were very public. (And she’s coming to Knoxville for a benefit concert for Shining Light Equestrian on November 9!)

The daughter of a gymnast, as a little girl in Dallas, Texas by the time she was six years old Harper Grace was on a fast-track to competing in the Olympics in gymnastics. Yet, there was something she felt pulling at her young soul: music.

Receiving her first guitar at age eight, Harper Grace knew she had found her destiny. She decided to leave gymnastics behind and the world is better for it today!

When she was 11 years old, she got an amazing opportunity: to sing the national anthem at a locally televised sporting event. I’ll ask what happened, but the short version is she made national headlines for singing the “worst rendition of the national anthem” ever. Her life suddenly became scary as kids at school did horrible things to her, people like Howard Stern bad-mouthed her on national television, and she was bullied by adults in the media (who should know better).

Here’s a reason to fall in love with this young woman. Rather than hide in the corner and allow herself to fade away, that horrible experience led Harper Grace to creating an anti-bulling campaign and began speaking at schools across the country to help other kids. Wow.

During the interview we’ll hear how the American Idol audition came to pass and what happened next has been seen millions and millions of times:

Since her days on American Idol two years ago Harper Grace’s music career has been on a steady uphill climb. She’s opened for people like Luke Bryan and has a fabulous new music video that was launched just a few months ago. It’s called Yard Sale and it’s so much fun:

I have GREAT NEWS! For Knoxville friends – you can come see Harper Grace in concert! She is coming to town for a benefit for Shining Light Equestrian, a nonprofit equine therapeutic riding center just getting off the ground. As the president of the board of directors for the organization I am thrilled and excited to host Harper Grace. Here’s the info: