EPISODE 46: Dano Deck – From Golden Handcuffs to Lifestyle Freedom as a Financial Planner

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Dano Deck giving his best “most interesting man in the world” pose is a guy with a huge heart and a ready smile.

Dano Deck is one of those guys you meet who has everything going for him. Recently described by a colleague as “the tall, dark, and handsome one,” he’s got a supportive wife, great kids, rides a motorcycle, and runs a successful and ever-growing team of financial planning experts. He’s one of those folks who has made a wonderful life for himself and his family with a direct sales business. But it wasn’t always like that for Dano.

As the author of Chapter 2 in my “How Did You Get Started” book, I know Dano Deck’s story well, and it’s one I see repeated in so many places and in so many ways. When I interviewed him for the book, he talked about being successful in the world of for-profit education doing “sales,” (the term was different, but that’s what the job was). Yet to gain that success he was forced to wear what he referred to as “golden handcuffs:” he was making so much money so his family could go on fancy vacations, and live in a beautiful large home, but he was never able to enjoy it because of his 70+ hour work week that never ended.

Today I’m looking forward to Dano sharing his story of how he was inspired to carve out what little time he could find given his daily grind, and how he was able to break free of those golden handcuffs. Using the same drive and skills that allowed him to excel and achieve from lessons he learned growing up and the work ethic he cultivated working on a farm in his youth, Dano has built an awesome team,

Dano Deck and Sara Faye, Executive Director of Shining Light Equestrian at the Blue Ribbon Cutting Event in May, 2019. Photo Courtesy Rita Thomas Photographer.

and within the past week opened a sparkling brand new office space for educational events. Today he’s achieved the rank of Regional Vice President with Primerica and he continues to inspire and empower families to build wealth and to enjoy their lives TODAY instead of waiting for retirement. We’ll hear more about all that today on the show. Connect with Dano on LinkedIn here.

Giving back to his community, Dano serves on the Board of Directors for Shining Light Equestrian, a non-profit equine therapeutic riding facility that serves special needs children and adults, as well as providing riding lessons for all in East Tennessee.