EPISODE 42: Jim Edwards from Mortgage Guy to Internet Marketing “Guru” and Host of the Jim Boat

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Jim Edwards is an unassuming guy who, if you saw him around town, you’d never know is a successful one-man business “wizard” who’s sold millions of dollars in his internet career and is a literal rock star, having spoken on stages around the world to hundreds of thousands of people. He usually wears a baseball cap (but not on stage) and has an interesting affinity for unicorns, which came as a result of the craziness of the 2016 political election cycle where he finally found a topic no one would “scream” at him for on social media.

I’ve known and worked closely with Jim for years, and I know his story well. I’m excited to bring him to the How Did You Get Started Show, and am curious where he’s going to start. He’s got a lot of stories and he tells them well!

He might start with how when he began his business he and his wife were living in a leaky trailer and had nothing. Or he might start with the fact that he received a journalism degree from the College of William and Mary, went on to work in mortgages and real estate, and took all those combined skills and became the guy to “break” a new-at-the-time online technology for hosting webinars because he had SO MANY people want to hear what he had to say.

These are just a FEW of Jim Edwards’ books. He’s a prolific writer and brilliant marketer.

Jim Edwards’ expertise is as a writer – a marketing copy writer, to be exact. And he’s written a few books himself (she writes, tongue firmly planted in cheek… look at all those books!). His newest book, Copywriting Secrets, is some of his best work yet.

Over the years, Jim learned if you can solve a person’s problem by creating a solution that does the work, people will happily buy that solution. He came up with an idea to create software he calls “wizards” because all you do is answer a few questions, and out pops things like: a shortcut to creating a Kindle book with only 3 hours of work, or an online content marketing calendar, or even a whole speech with slides and handouts (that’s the one we created together).

The last time we were on a cruise together in 2015

Something else Jim Edwards has done in his illustrious career is created an event at sea called “The Jim Boat.” On that cruise, he hosts and runs a business marketing event, while having fun in the sun. He ran it for several years, then took a few years off. This year, I’m excited to say it’s back – and I get to be one of only 3 other speakers during the entire 7 days! I’m honored and looking forward to it in November. You can join us, too, and I’m having a special masterminding event while on board – plus a few fun surprises – for everyone who signs up and chooses my name in the “We were invited by” drop down box on the page.

You never know what Jim is going to say, but you always know it’s going to be entertaining and packed with useful tips for business success.

Join us on The Jim Boat! See more info by clicking on the photo!