EPISODE 39: Derrick Furlow, Jr. – From University of Tennessee Football Player to Life Transition Coach

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Now, meet TODAY’S guest:

Derrick Furlow JrDerrick Furlow, Jr. is a smart man. He learned early in his life to leverage the opportunities he’s been blessed to receive due to his athletic ability, hard work, and dedication to his sport and turn those opportunities into a fulfilling career.

If you happen to live in a big college town like I do in Knoxville, Tennessee, you know your town’s college athletes are like super heroes – and in many ways they are. The student athletes are very much part of the community and people in town love seeing them play and contribute to their adopted home town. With the University of Tennessee Volunteers, student athletes who have graduated are given the affectionate title of “Vol for Life” – VFL for short.

Today’s guest is a VFL who has taken his heart for service and his own personal experience playing football at an elite level both in college, and for a short time professionally, and turned that into a whole business.

Having grown up in Atlanta and moving to Knoxville to play cornerback at UT, Derrick loved the sport, and although he played football professionally for a short while in the Arena Football League, injuries prevented him from moving much farther ahead.

Have you ever thought about what the student athletes who DON’T go pro do after their college and athletic careers come to a close? What about professional athletes – not the mega stars, but the men and women who make up the rest of the rosters whose names may not be household names, but played as many games, went to as many practices, pumped as much iron, and ran as many laps as those superstars? What do they do when they’re ready to “retire,” many while still in their 20s and some as “old” as their late 30s or 40s. At that age, there’s still a lot of living left to do, yet, even though there’s a perception that being a professional athlete is a way to attain mega millions without winning the lottery, nothing could be farther from the truth.

According to the NCAA, only 2% of student athletes go pro. That means a whopping 98% who have been told in many cases what to eat, where to live, how to train, and have had their lives dictated to them suddenly have to figure out what to do next.

Enter: Derrick Furlow, Jr.

But that’s not all.

Millions of people across the country who have never played sports find themselves in a transition of some kind or another every day due to corporate downsizing, divorce, early retirement, and so on. What how do you effectively navigate a transition?

Derrick Furlow’s book, Transition Like a Champion has the answers. We’ll be talking about that in today’s episode. It’s about the decisions you make, and tapping into the skills you’ve developed to make your next move your best move, as Derrick says.