EPISODE 34: David Perdew, From Journalist to Event Host to Online Membership Community Creator

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Now, meet TODAY’S guest:

I was introduced to David Perdew about a decade ago as he made a huge splash into the online marketing event community. At that time, David was producing a small training event regularly in Atlanta. Over and over again I heard, “You HAVE to to! You will LOVE it!” But the theme of the event wasn’t really in line with the work I did, so I smiled as my friends gushed. Well, those same friends told David Perdew about me and, being the journalist he was, he discovered the way to my heart and to get me to any event: he invited me to be a keynote speaker.

So I went, I spoke, and I fell in what I happily refer to as, “business love.”

David Perdew has a servant’s heart through and through, and wants to help people succeed in their businesses and finding freedom doing the work they love to do (see why I HAD to invite him as a guest?!). Over the years I brought my husband and even my daughter to the event to learn from David’s esteemed and successful faculty members.

That event continued for a good number of years and I rarely missed another after my first, even on the rare occasions when David didn’t invite me to be part of his faculty. It was a sad day for those of us who looked forward to it when he decided to stop running that much-loved event, and a difficult yet freeing decision for David and his wife, Charlesa.

Since the end of the event, I see a lightness in David, while at the same time an increase in his success. Sometimes you have to let the good go to make room for the great (and much less stress!).

His early days in business look like this:

After 17 years in the newspaper business as a journalist, editor and publisher, David Perdew created and sold a successful stock photo agency to a British company with more than 150 photographers and 300,000 images.

For the past 20 years, he’s managed a few of the largest telecom ecommerce mergers as a telecom merger project specialist. One of his last consulting projects was building and implementing a $30 million project management office for the largest wireless company in America.

He took a year off in 2003 to personally build a 2200 square foot log cabin in north Alabama where he and his wife and two dogs and a cat live on 95 acres of forest with four streams and 60-foot waterfall.

Today David is the CEO and founder of an online membership community called NAMS, which stands for Novice to Advanced Marketing System where he teaches people to have greater clarity in their businesses and achieve more success. We’ll be talking today about how he does it and how he’s managed to build a business he loves. Ever the journalist, he’s still an amazing storyteller, and when he’s not working you can find he and his wife cheering on the Crimson Tide at their football games. In fact, David and Charlesa are such huge Alabama fans, they drove out to the national championship game this year.

He’s got a heart of gold and I’m honored he’s agreed to take time away from his weekend mastermind meeting to join us live today on air!


David created a checklist you can get for free to help you stop chasing bright shiny objects and achieve greater focus and clarity. Get it here.