EPISODE 32: “Captain” Lou Edwards – From Orphaned and Homeless to the WWF to Cruising the World

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Now, meet TODAY’S guest:


Today’s guest is as colorful a character as you’ll ever hear on the radio! The easiest way to describe Captain Lou Edwards is as a travel agent. But you can’t think of him like any ordinary travel agent – Captain Lou is SO much more! He describes himself as a “group event cruise producer.”

Early in his life Captain Lou experienced much tragedy and loss and became an orphan as a young teen who dropped out of school in the 8th grade. From those difficult beginnings, that set him on a path to achieve some amazing things in his life. Kind-hearted people in the World Wrestling Federation took him in where he worked for several years until somebody told him he should go get a “real job.” In his words, “Timing is everything, and I had none of it.” Just before Hulk Hogan came on the WWF scene and that industry took off in a huge way, Captain Lou was talked into a “real job,” and spent the next 20 years selling window coverings and blinds in his own business.

At the beginning of business owners being able to sell things on the internet, he thought he should learn how to sell his window coverings online, which brought him to his first ever internet marketing seminar in 2003. That one decision changed his life.

While at the seminar, a woman approached “Captain Lou,” who, because he had that name on his conference badge, assumed he was in the cruise business. She asked him about partnering with her on producing a conference similar to the one they were attending but on a cruise ship. With very little cruising and travel industry experience, he said YES, turning his part-time hobby into what has become a 7-figure business! They held their first seminar at sea later that year and today he’s now known around the world as THE go-to guy for organizing cruises for special events where people do business and have FUN! He’s living his dream and loving every minute of it.

I can’t wait for you to hear his true rags-to-riches story of how he went from “Captain WHO?” to Captain Lou!

Later this year, I’ll be speaking on a cruise that Captain Lou is organizing, being hosted by Jim Edwards, the copy writing genius. That’s called The Jim Boat and I hope you’ll join us! When you get to that page and register for the Jim Boat Cruise, there’s a line to say you were referred by me. Do that and I’ll have a very special bonus I’ll be giving you.