EPISODE 31: Brian G. Johnson, Professional Chef to YouTube Video Star & Poodle Wrangler

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Now, meet TODAY’S guest:

You’re in for another great show! Today’s guest is the one and only, world’s first Poodle Wrangler himself, the inimitable Brian G. Johnson, who has come a looong way from the his days cooking as professional line chef in Minnesota.

As much as Brian enjoyed, and still enjoys cooking today, he learned the hours in a restaurant kitchen can be long and brutal. Being the kind of guy who loves to consistently improve and learn, he decided more than a decade ago to learn to use the internet to make money.

Brian G Johnson often tells the story of the first day he ever made money using the internet. It was just over $2 as an affiliate, meaning he sold a product that someone else created and got paid a commission for it. His chef buddies laughed, but he knew that was the first day of the rest of his life.

From there, he went on to anonymously make a living as an affiliate marketer, sometimes using video to sell products. He learned that if people trust you and your recommendations you can succeed. He learned about sharing a message. So he wrote a book about it. When Trust Funnel launched in 2015, he did it in a way I’d never seen done before, and of course the book became an instant beset-seller. From the publisher’s page on Amazon:

How does a dyslexic college dropout become an Internet marketing guru, living a life of wealth and freedom many people only dream of? Answer: by seeing a need and filling it.

When his dad purchased a shiny new Apple 2E in 1983, it didn’t take long for Brian G. Johnson to discover video games. He was hooked. However, what really blew him away was what he discovered several years later-the Internet. Brian knew it would completely change how and where people spent their money. Most of all, it would level the playing field for average folks, allowing them to cash in as it reached the masses.

I remember the day he decided to dig in an REALLY learn how to use YouTube to show people to stake your claim, amplify your message, and inspire action in others. He went from a brilliant idea, to a well-executed branded channel launch of Brian G Johnson TV, and now is close to 56,000 subscribers, with millions of views on his videos, and makes his entire living as a successful YouTuber teaching others how to be successful on YouTube. If you’ve been thinking at all about giving YouTube a try, you’ve got to subscribe to Brian’s channel. Read his latest best-selling books: Tube Ritual and Tube Rank Ritual and join his popular and helpful Tube Ritual Facebook group here with more than 11,000 people all helping each other succeed with video marketing.