EPISODE 27: Tiekel Finnikin, iDropped Store Owner Second Interview

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Now, meet TODAY’S guest:

Today we’re having a first on the How Did You Get Started Show¬† — I’m having back a guest I previously interviewed!

Tiekel Finnikin and his wife, Nateah Finnikin, joined me in studio a few months ago after he literally saved my computer’s life (read that story here).

Since then, he’s decided to become a sponsor of the How Did You Get Started Show (hooray!), and I wanted to talk to him again about his story and also more about what he does today for a living, running his iDropped store and why he decided to choose retail and a franchise. If you’ve been playing with the idea of your own physical location, or your own franchise, today’s show is for you.

As an immigrant, Tiekel Finnikin is now the living embodiment of the American dream. He grew up in Jamaica, the second poorest country in the Caribbean where, as a boy, throwing away anything¬†– especially expensive electronics simply wasn’t done. As a child, he took it upon himself to fix his grandmother’s broken TV, and after the neighbors heard of his talents, began bringing him all sorts of electronics to repair.

A college athletic scholarship brought him to the US, where he met his wife. After they decided to go into business, although they were parents of three children, they sacrificed even their home to become business owners of an iDropped franchise store in Knoxville, Tennessee. (Like their Facebook page here.)

And listen… if you’re anywhere within driving distance of Knoxville, and that fancy phone, tablet, TV or computer you got for Christmas is already broken because your kid left it on the floor and your 270-pound husband moved a kitchen chair leg right onto the screen and sat on said chair, crushing the screen, Tiekel can fix it. Don’t ask me how I know.