EPISODE 24: SANTA CLAUS! (Ed Taylor – That Santa Guy, Marketing Expert, Actor, Kind-Hearted Guy)

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This morning I woke up long before the sunrise as excited as a kid on Christmas Day because today on my “How Did You Get Started Show” I GET TO INTERVIEW SANTA CLAUS!!! Fresh from his appearances on “Shark Tank” last week, and on Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton’s Christmas video (2.6 million views to date!), he’ll be with us today! You’ve also seen him this season as the yoga Santa on Old Navy ads, on posters across America when you’re shopping at Westfield Malls, and over the years in other commercials for Coca-Cola, Overstock, Chrysler, Band Aid, Reddi Whip, and on The Today Show, Food Network, Jimmy Kimmel Show … and so much more!

But of course, Ed Taylor didn’t start his career playing Santa. Over the years he’s been everything from a commercial fisherman as a young man, to a sales manager for a funeral home, all the way up to becoming a vice president of marketing. As Ed neared retirement age, he knew he wasn’t done and he knows MANY others may be ready to leave their tedious, less-than-fun corporate gigs behind, but want to create work that is fulfilling to them. He specializes in working with what he calls “Encore Entrepreneurs” – people aged 50 or better, to show them how to successful start the next phase of their lives.

Since 1996 he’s been solving problems and increasing the bottom line of over 900 small businesses in more than 100 industries. It is estimated that Ed Taylor has helped clients and workshop attendees increase their online revenues by more than $1 billion and add more than 37,000 top search engine rankings. See? He’s more than just a jolly guy in a red suit!

He has seen and dealt with every type of small business you can imagine. And he’s studied and solved every kind of marketing question, problem, challenge, and opportunity.

We’ll be talking all about how he got started as Santa, and how he helps others find success doing meaningful work they truly enjoy. He’s got SO many stories… you will fall in love with him.

And of course because he’s Santa, he’s got a great free gift for you, if you are 50+, to help you re-invent your retirement for love, meaning, and money. It’s a free assessment to help you get started. You can pick that up on his website right here.