EPISODE 21: Jessica Magers-Rankin, Drama Teacher, Actor, Creative Director

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Now, meet TODAY’S guest:

┬áToday’s show is going to be a bit different.

Most of the “How Did You Get Started Show” episodes feature entrepreneurial folks living out their dreams. But you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to do work you love, with people you love and to follow your calling. Jessica Magers-Rankin is a shining example of that.

Jessica Magers-Rankin’s full-time gig is a high school drama teacher at Knoxville Catholic High School. This is her third year at the school. Prior to that, she taught drama to middle schoolers. In the Playbill for the current KCHS production of Alfred Hitchcock’s 39 Steps, she wrote, “We are so blessed as a community to have exposure to the arts and the opportunities for creative expression offered to our students!” Bringing theater and drama to her young performers is something she works hard at and the results of the fantastic theater productions always show the fruit of her labors as a director and show producer.

My 11th grade daughter (on left looking on) appearing in the KCHS production of Alfred Hitchcock’s “39 Steps.”

I met Jess when she was in her previous position, when my oldest daughter was in 8th grade. The following year, the 8th graders and Miss M-R, as the kids call her, all moved to high school together.

In addition to teaching, Jess also practices what she teaches the students to do. She can frequently be found on stages across East Tennessee, acting in various dramatic and musical theater productions. never far from the stage, other fun things Jessica does with her time include occasionally teaching a Broadway Dance Fitness class at the Dance Centre of Oak Ridge.

If you’re in the Knoxville area and would like to see Jessica Magers-Rankin’s current production come to life, you are invited to make your way to Knoxville Catholic High School to enjoy 39 Steps. I saw it on opening night and it was a funny and fascinating story. The kids do an amazing job with all the various accents required to make the story come to life. With tomorrow being Armistice Day, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a show about the espionage that was common between World War I and World War II. The info on the show is in the image below. Seats are limited. First come, first served.