Episode 2: Benecia Ponder, Publisher, Author, and Professional Speaker

Benecia Ponder, JD, began her career as an attorney. In order to earn that distinction, she had to overcome much, including blindness. Yet, she had a heart for something more. Her story of how she got from being a lawyer to where she is today, working as a publisher specializing in what’s known in the publishing industry as “low content books” like journals, workbooks, and planners is nothing short of inspiring.

Benecia Ponder is a sought after speaker, best-selling author and publisher dedicated to helping business professionals share their God-given gifts with those they are here to serve. An attorney who devoted her career to helping small businesses form and develop, Benecia Ponder has written two popular books: Prepare to Receive MORE! and Prosper In Your Purpose. Benecia Ponder has also been ghost writing for her clients since 2007. With creativity and passion she uses her organizational and analytical skills to bring her clients’ book writing and publishing dreams into reality.

Benecia Ponder is offering a free gift to the listeners of the “How Did You Get Started Show with Felicia Slattery.” She says it can be easier than you think to put together one of these powerful business boosting books. Sign up for your free 3-part video series to dive deeper and discover more.