EPISODE 18: JEFF HERRING, The Internet Content Marketing Guy

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Now, meet TODAY’S guest:

I love this guy.

Jeff Herring is a trained psychotherapist with an ABD (for those who don’t know that means he’s completed all his education to obtain a Ph.D. – in psychology, but he hasn’t yet completed his dissertation – and doesn’t have plans to. That ABD is an abbreviation for “all but dissertation.).

He worked for a number of years in his field and then, as you’ll discover, he started writing articles in his local newspaper in Tallahassee, Florida, which led to a radio show. All that local celebrity brought him lots of business… until 2006 when he and his wife divorced and she wanted to move – along with their two young sons – to Atlanta, Georgia.

Now, Jeff Herring, being the loving, involved father he is, absolutely refused to be a long-distance dad, so he suddenly had to give up his successful counseling and therapist business, move to a whole new city, and find a way to start all over again from scratch.

But this time, he did things a little differently. Instead of starting up a counseling practice, he began using his expertise in publishing articles and other content to teach others how he was able to build a thriving business. I was one of those people who Jeff personally trained – he affectionately calls me one of his “former mentees done real good.”

Today Jeff makes his money teaching people through regular Results Now Webinars, sells online software to help make content marketing and planning so much easier, and still works with and mentors others in how to maneuver the Internet and make money from their expertise. It is my pleasure and honor today to interview him, where you’ll hear his story from the earliest days of starting his business of one cold December night and how he didn’t have enough money to stay in a hotel room, and what he did instead, and how his life is now changed forever in all the best ways possible!

Learn more about Jeff Herring on his website JeffHerring.com.