EPISODE 17: Felicia Slattery, How to Get Started Public Speaking As a Fundraiser for Your Favorite Charity, Church, or School

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Now, meet TODAY’S guest:


Well, it was SUPPOSED to be someone else, but schedules got crossed, and my guest never called in so I had to run a live radio show on the fly. Wheeeeeeee!!! Live radio without a net – I LOVE IT!!

Luckily, I have won awards in impromptu speaking, have been teaching my content for decades, and have an AMAZING producer who jumped right in and held down the first segment by prompting me to talk about a fun local event. Whew!

Then the second half of the show I discussed one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ways to start speaking: As a Fundraiser for Your Favorite Charity, Church, or School.

I wrote about this speaking to make money strategy in my book, “21 Ways to Make Money Speaking” (available of Amazon.com). If you’re tired of the boring, overpriced magazines, wrapping paper, school calendars ($36, at my kids’ schools, really?!), and candy bars, listen in to hear how easy it is to help any group make money in a different, unique, creative, and FUN way that can also launch your speaking career.

Then go pick up my free info on how YOU can get started speaking at How To Get Started Speaking.com.