EPISODE 16: Manuela Scott-Ptacek, Health & Wellness with Arbonne

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Now, meet TODAY’S guest:

Growing up with her dad in the Navy, and then marrying a Navy guy, Manuela Scott-Ptacek has moved 16 times during her lifetime, all around the world. Knoxville, Tennessee is most certainly her last move (she hopes!), because she says she finally feels home.

Manuela Scott-Ptacek didn’t exactly come to direct sales with Arbonne International in the way a lot of women might. It started out with a similar story – seeing a friend out and about who suddenly looked amazing, asking about and learning it was due to using Arbonne’s products. But then her husband was diagnosed with cancer, along with a host of other illnesses befalling her family, and she HAD to know why.

After discovering a product her husband used daily – and you may be using this daily, too – had known carcinogens in it, Manuela launched into finding products that are safe. Lo and behold, she realized the company she had only recently come to know for beauty products, Arbonne International, is also a world leader in safety, banning around 2,000 ingredients in their products, whereas the US only bans 11 (see source and list here).

These days, Manuela is an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International, and fierce advocate for education in health and wellness. Proud (now retired) Navy wife and Navy daughter, she actively supports our military members in uniform. She possesses the highest love of our country, because she knows what freedoms other people will never see in too many foreign countries.

Manuela has received several awards for her humanitarian efforts. Now, after homeschooling her four (now grown) children for 22 years, she enjoys volunteering activities with her Catholic church, being on crews for hot air balloons, modern square dancing with her husband, John of 37 years, camping with their trailer or simple travelling adventures together… just not moving ever again!

If you would like to learn more about Arbonne, contact Manuela at   www.mptacek.arbonne.com  or see her on Instagram:  manuela_with_arbonne.