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Now, meet TODAY’S guest:

It’s not everyday you get to interview you own personal hero who himself has quite a tale to tell… but that’s just what I get to do in today’s episode!

Last week, I met Tiekel Finnikin at a networking meeting. And then the day after this happened:

I thought I committed computer homicide! A few drops of water (no more than a half teaspoon amount) landed on my laptop keyboard. Fortunately I had a tea towel within arms reach and wiped it up, but within minutes the screen froze. Shutting down and restarting seemed to bring it back … and then it froze again. Shut it down again. Hitting it with a blast of warm air allowed it to turn back on but the old fashioned “dos” window came up telling me there was no hard drive. And then … not even that came up. I thought I was going to have to buy a whole new computer, and worse, worried all my files were gone.

Enter: iDropped Knoxville and Tiekel. I called him and he told me to bring it in as soon as possible. Within a few hours he called to tell me it’d been fixed. I picked it up last weekend on my way into my radio show and told him about it. That’s when I asked how he got started. His story is fabulous!

Growing up in Jamaica, for Tiekel and his family, throwing away anything simply wasn’t done. When he was a young boy, he took it upon himself to fix his grandmother’s broken TV, and after the neighbors heard of his talents, began bringing him all sorts of electronics to repair.

In today’s episode we’ll discover the long road of how he went from fixing neighbors’ TVs, radios, and VHS players in Jamaica to owning an iDropped franchise store in Knoxville, Tennessee. I’m so excited!