EPISODE 14: KAMIN SAMUEL – US Navy’s First African-American Helicopter Pilot to Wealth Transformation Coach

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Now, meet TODAY’S guest:

When Kamin Samuel became the first African-American female helicopter pilot for the US Navy, you might think she’d reached the pinnacle of her career, but she was just getting started! With a gentle, yet powerful strength, she has broken glass ceilings, barriers, and more from her military service to her high level corporate positions, and now, she helps her clients break down their barriers to their ultimate success and fulfillment as well.

When Kamin Samuel came out of the Navy having become a flight instructor and leader in multiple ways, she was ready for a challenge. She started a business that looked like a success on the outside, but she knew the truth. Ultimately she had to file for bankruptcy and reach a low before she found her way back to success through study, prayer, and applying age-old biblical principles to her life. And that was the beginning of her true wealth unfolding.

Since then, she built a corporate career, rising to the ranks of vice president with two different Fortune 500 companies. Yet, even as she mentored other women to rise through the ranks, she saw a need for so much more she could help both women and men achieve. She’s now the author of three books about wealth transformation and living life with abundance, she’s an international speaker, and she is a life and business coach who specializes in wealth transformation for high-level professionals. People who, like she used to be, look like they have everything (maybe even material possessions and high incomes), but may lack health, or strong relationships, or have not yet reached their full potential. Kamin is today living the life of her dreams, part of the board of directors for organizations she has a passion for, and lives with her husband, Mark, in their beautiful home in the hills of southern California.