Generally, Felicia invites her own guests to join her on the “How Did You Get Started Show with Felicia Slattery” because she happens to have worked with and counts as friends some fascinating and successful people who are New York Times best-selling authors, international speakers, internet millionaires, and more. But she knows she doesn’t know EVERYONE who would be an awesome guest.

So here are the qualifications to be considered for the “How Did You Get Started Show with Felicia Slattery:”

  • You are doing work you LOVE to do and made a switch from something else which is more entrepreneurial in nature OR is so fascinating / interesting people are curious how you got started with it 
  • You’re successful at the new thing 
  • You have an engaging style and are able to tell your story 
  • You are available TOMORROW morning from 11:30-Noon Eastern time 
  • You might have experience on live radio or TV (a plus), or have spoken on stages or webinars (preferred but not required) 

What’s in it for you?
– You’ll be interviewed on a live radio show (or potentially on an episode that will go straight to the podcast)
– Your episode will be recorded, and that will become a podcast episode and be actively and regularly  promoted
– You’
ll receive a one-way back link from this website to yours

Comment below and briefly share your story! We will get back to you if we feel like you’re a good fit for the direction of the show and our audience.